Manuscript Submission Guidelines

NOTE: Submissions are no longer accepted at Editorial Express.  Please use click here to submit manuscripts.

1. Cover Letter.
A cover letter must accompany the submission indicating (a) the material in the manuscript has not been published, is not being published or considered for publication elsewhere, and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere unless rejected by the journal editor or withdrawn by the author(s); (b) the material in the manuscript, to the best of the author’s knowledge, does not infringe upon other published material protected by copyright; and (c) submission of the work gives the Southern Agricultural Economics Association exclusive right to publish, to copyright, and to allow or deny reproduction of it, in whole or in part. If the applicability of part (a) is unclear, the author(s) must provide an explanation in the cover letter.

2. Copyright.
JAAE is copyrighted. Authors will be required to sign a release form, when manuscripts are accepted, which will prohibit publication of material contained in the article elsewhere unless specific permission is granted by the editor(s).

3. Publication Costs.
Authors of accepted manuscripts will be expected to assume obligation for payment of  a one-time Article Processing Charge of $1,500, which cover all publication costs.  Authors will be contacted by CCC- Rightslink who is acting on SAEA and Cambridge University Press behalf to collect the Article Processing Charges (APCs).

4. Author Information.
Due to the double-blind review process used by the JAAE, authors should only provide their identity on the title page of the manuscript.

5. Manuscript Style/Format.
Manuscripts must be on quality 8½” x 11″ paper with 1″ margins, and should not exceed 30 pages. Type only on one side of the paper, using left-margin justification only. Double-space all material throughout the manuscript, including abstract, acknowledgments, footnotes, and references. Use 12-point Times New Roman font style throughout.

6. Abstract.
On a separate page, include an abstract not exceeding 100 words, followed by no more than eight key words or short phrases listed in alphabetical order (set the phrase Key Words: in italics and the key words themselves in roman).

7. JEL Classifications.
Please provide JEL classification codes for your manuscript following the Key Words. List these classification(s) in the format: JEL Classifications: R51, R58, O21, O23, R11, R38

8. Footnotes.
Number footnotes consecutively throughout the manuscript. Type the content of the footnotes on separate pages placed immediately after the main text. Footnotes should not be used solely for citations or directives to other literature. Reference citations should be incorporated into the main text or into the text of the footnotes.

9. References.
Place all references cited in the text, alphabetized by author’s last name (use initials for first names), on separate pages immediately after the footnotes.

10. Tables.
Place each table on a separate page immediately after the references.

11. Figures.
Place each figure, chart, or graph on a separate page immediately after the tables. We discourage the use of figures unless they are absolutely necessary.

12. Mathematical Formulations.
Use Arabic numbers enclosed in parentheses placed flush left on the first line of the equation. Number equations consecutively throughout the manuscript. Indent the equation after the equation number. Punctuate all mathematical material.

13. Submissions.
Electronic submission is required. Prior to sending, please place the title page and manuscript in separate files and save as a .pdf file. Submit these files along with the cover letter (as .pdf file) to the electronic editorial management system here. Alternatively, the documents may be emailed as attachments to Editors Michael Reed or Sayed Saghaian –  although this option is highly discouraged.