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Michael Reed and Sayed Saghaian, University of Kentucky

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Henry Kinnucan, Auburn University

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Wade Brorsen
Oklahoma State University
Jabir Ali
Institute of Cooperative and Corporate Management, India
Bustanul Arifin
University of Lampung
Danny Campbell
University of Stirling, Scotland
Christopher Boyer
University of Tennessee
Jill Hobbs
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Rebekka Dudensing
Texas A&M University
Bo Chen
Huazhong Agricultural University, China
Zhifeng Gao
University of Florida
Ric Scarpa
Durham University, United Kingdom
Wuyang Hu
Ohio State University
Renato Villano
University of New England, Australia
Mariah Ehmke
University of Wyoming
Nick Vink
Stellenbosch University
Kim Jenson
University of Tennessee
Ani Katchova
Ohio State University
Jill Stowe
University of Kentucky
Jeffrey Reimer
Oregon State University
Michael Popp
University of Arkansas
Gokhan Ozertan
Bogazici University, Turkey
Chen Zen
University of Georgia
Nicole Mason
Michigan State University
David Orden
Virginia Tech University

The Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics (JAAE) provides a forum for creative and scholarly work in agricultural economics and related areas. Contributions on methodology and applications in business, extension, research, and teaching phases of agricultural and applied economics are equally encouraged. Submitted manuscripts are subject to peer review for publication consideration. Submission of critiques or comments on JAAE articles are welcomed.

Editorial correspondence should be addressed to Michael Reed and Sayed Saghaian, University of Kentucky; Editors, JAAE; email Reed: mrreed@uky.edu; Saghaian: SSaghaian@uky.edu.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically, preferably by clicking here. If this is not possible, manuscripts may be submitted directly to the editors although this option is highly discouraged. For submission details, including formatting requirements, see the links below. The Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics (ISSN 1074-0708) is published in February, May, August, and November by the Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA). Copyright © 2014 by the Southern Agricultural Economics Association. Any article or other material published in the JAAE may not be resubmitted for publication or republished elsewhere in full or in part without the written permission of the editor.

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