Welcome to the SAEA award recipient archives. Here you may view photos of award recipients dating back to the year 1999, as well as view all past recipients of a specific award. You may view any archive in the table below by clicking the corresponding link to the right. Please note that any archives specified to be PDF format will require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be obtained for free from Adobe’s website.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipients 2018 to 1987

Award Winners at the 2018 SAEA Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida

SAEA Lifetime Achievement Awards
Kim Jensen, University of Tennessee
Wade Brorsen, Oklahoma State University
Darrell Bosch Virginia Tech University

Emerging Scholars Awards
David Ortega, Michigan State University
Naveen Adusumilli, Louisiana State University
Abigail Okrent, USDA Economic Research Service

Outstanding Extension Program Award
Individual: Dr. John Robinson, Texas A&M University. “Cotton Marketing Programs in Texas.”

Outstanding Teaching of a Course Award
Mathew Interis, Mississippi State University. AEC 4233 Environmental Economics

Outstanding Journal Article
Kovacs, Kent and Alvaro Durand-Morat. “The Influence of On- and Off-Farm Surface Water Investment on Groundwater Extraction from an Agricultural Landscape.” JAAE 49, 3 (August 2017): 323-46.

Outstanding M.S. Thesis Award
Kindra Williamson, Texas A&M University. “An Empirically- and Theoretically-Based Model of the Market for Pollination Services”

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award
Eunchun Park, Oklahoma State University. “Three Essays on Insurance and Options in Agricultural Economics.”

Outstanding Poster Awards
1st – Nathan Kemper, Jennie S. Popp and Rodolfo Nayga, Jr., University of Arkansas. “A Query Theory Account of a Discrete Choice Experiment under Oath.”

2nd – Timothy Woods and Mahla Zare Mehrjerdi. “Local Food Purchasing Frequency by Locavores across Market Channels – Implications for Local Food System Development.”

3rd – Florence Lwiza and Sidonia McKenzie, Kansas State University. “Resource Use Changes with Biogas Technology Adoption.”

Quiz Bowl Tournament Winners
1st – Patriots – Mitchel Stringer (Mississippi State University), Carolyn Lofredo (Auburn University), Addie Stone (Clemson University) and Erica Rogers (University of Kentucky)

2nd – Bengals – Jessica Brown (Mississippi State University), Andrew Hall (Clemson University), Amber Beers (University of Florida) and Gage Patton (University of Georgia)

3rd – Falcons – Valerie Regan (Texas A&M University), Troy McDonald (Texas A&M Commerce), Meri Beth Day (Auburn University) and Amanda Higgins (Oklahoma State University)

 Past Award Winners

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