Award Winners at 2000 Meeting

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Photo credit to: Jim Marchant, Vic Lee, and Stefanie Cruz

Lifetime Achievement Award

l to r: Richard Conner, Luther Tweeten, John Holt, Eduardo Segarra (Awards Chair) -- not pictured: Ronald Schrimper

J. Richard Conner

Richard Conner receiving award from Hal Harris

John Holt

John Holt receiving award from Hal Harris and Eduardo Segarra

Luther G. Tweeten

Luther Tweeten receiving award from Hal Harris and Eduardo Segarra

Outstanding Teaching of a Course Award

Michael T. Olexa, University of Florida

Course: AEB 3123 - Agricultural Law. Dr. Olexa's course prepares students for the decision-making challenges they may face in dealing with the realities of laws and regulations. His course highlights the economics of regulation on agriculture by applying the principles of risk assessment and benefit/cost analysis. The course was the catalyst for development of the nation's first undergraduate minor in agricultural law and is one of the key courses in the minor's curriculum.

Mike receiving award from Mary Marchant

Outstanding Extension Program Award

Craig Infanger, University of Kentucky

Contribution: Natural Resource Leadership Institute. The institute, an intensive program of five three-day seminar sessions in different locations, enhances participants' personal and group leadership skills, and dispute resolution techniques. Students learn about the legal, economic and social aspects of a wide range of natural resource issues, and must complete a final project featuring mutually acceptable solutions to real life natural resource conflicts. Funded by a Kellogg Foundation grant, Dr. Infanger has guided 85 Kentucky citizens through the Institute, including a number of Extension agents and specialists.

Craig receiving award from Hal Harris (Awards Chair)

Graduate Student Paper Award

Irfan Tareen and Dale Graybeal

Dale K. Graybeal, North Carolina State University

"Variation in Marginal Response to Nitrogen Fertilizer between Locations" This paper, written for an advanced Ph.D. production economics class at NC State, estimates a logistic growth equation with both time and location variables to model corn response to nitrogen in eastern North Carolina. The paper has immediate and practical relevance to precision farming economic research.

Irfan Y. Tareen, University of Georgia

"Biodiesel as a Substitute for Petroleum Diesel in a Stochastic Environment" This paper, written for a course entitled Investment under Uncertainty, extends the neo-classical theory of least-cost production for perfect input substitution by considering the stochastic nature of prices. The research has the potential to make a marked change in the methods employed in determining the feasibility of alternative fuels.

JAAE Award

H. Arlen Smith (co-author C. Robert Taylor, not pictured)

"Finite Mixture Estimation of Size Economies and Cost Frontiers in the Face of Multiple Production Technologies" Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 30,2(December 1998):379-388

Arlen Smith receiving award from Jim Seale (JAAE co-editor and Award Chair)

Quiz Bowl Winners

Nikki Burris (UKY), Jeff Cheek (UFL), Lee Hall (UGA), and Ken Ryan (VPI)

1st Place Poster

Allen Wysocki and Dorothy Comer, "The Costs of Developing and Delivering an Internet-Based Course in Agricultural Economics"

Photo of the winning poster

Second Place, Presented Poster Award A. Luke, N. Martin, S. Fletcher, J. Baldwin, and W. Shurley, "Can Twin Row Production Practices Enhance Peanut Producer Competitiveness?"

l to r: Stan Fletcher and Rob Martin receiving award from Hal Harris

Third Place, Presented Poster Award W. Ferreira, J. Prevatt, J. Dunkelberger, N. Martin, S. Fletcher, and T. Hewitt, "An Evaluation of the Use of Computers, the Internet, and Decision Tools by Selected Southeastern Beef and Peanut Farm Leaders"

l to r: Stan Fletcher, Rob Martin, Wilder Ferreira, and Walt Prevatt receiving award from Hal Harris