President’s Corner
First of all, thank you for the opportunity and honor of serving as SAEA President. As I type
this message, the brand new SAEA gavel (thank you, Lisa House) sits on my desk with its
inspirational message of “Don’t Screw Up” (thank you, Jeff Jordan) pointed right at me.

Our February annual meeting in New Orleans was a great almost-post-pandemic success. Even
with lingering travel restrictions and the city’s indoor facemask requirements, we still had a
large number of attendees and a full slate of presentations. Most of our 350-plus active faculty,
lifetime, and student members were in attendance. The Quiz Bowl competition exemplified the
increased level of participation for our New Orleans meeting: 86 undergraduates representing
17 universities. Congratulations to the Bowl’s winning team, the “Eagles”: Emory Johnson
(Arkansas), Deborah Myers (Kentucky), and Josie Nasekos (Mississippi State).

If you didn’t get a chance to do so in New Orleans, please take the time to congratulate all of
our award winners. Jim Mjelde (Texas A&M) and Jim Larson (Tennessee) were well-deserving
recipients of our 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award. Trey Malone (Arkansas), Courtney Bir
(Oklahoma State) and Adam Rabinowitz (Auburn) were our Emerging Scholars. Recognized
for Outstanding Teaching of a Course and Outstanding Extension Program were John Michael
Riley (Oklahoma State) E. Greg Fonsah (Georgia), respectively. Prasenjit Ghosh (Auburn) and
Tyllor Ledford (Texas Tech) won the Outstanding Dissertation Award and Outstanding MS
Thesis Award, respectively. Congratulations are also due to the winners of our awards for
Outstanding JAAE Article (X. Dong and G. Astill), Outstanding Poster (K. Thompson, M.
Vestal, B. Guerrero, and B. Golden), 3MT (J. Sestak), and Jobs Market Paper (J. Zhang).

Please join me in showing appreciation for the efforts of the SAEA board and JAEA editors.
David Anderson (Texas A&M) is now the Past-President, with Marco Palmo (Texas A&M)
coming on as President-Elect back in February. Kellie Raper (Oklahoma State) is a great
addition to continuing Directors Rebekka Dudensing (Texas A&M) and Mallory Vestal (West
Texas A&M). Our JAAE editor trio of Carlos Carpio (Texas Tech), Olga Massa (Virginia
Tech), and David Willis (Clemson) continue to ensure the high quality of our Journal. Last but
far from least, the SAEA is indebted to the services of Nathan Smith (Clemson) as Secretary
and Jeff Jordan (Georgia) as Treasurer.

The SAEA leadership team just met to make plans for the 2023 annual meeting in Oklahoma
City. Below in the newsletter you will see information related to awards nominations and
paper/poster submissions for the 2023 meeting. Please feel free to contact any of the Officers,
Directors, or Editors if you would like to be more involved in the SAEA, help with the 2023
conference, and/or help serve as a reviewer. The Association depends on volunteer service, so
we appreciate your input and ask for your commitment to make this organization better for all
of us.


Rodney Holcomb,
SAEA President

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The Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics is now published by Cambridge University Press as an open-access, on-line journal HERE.  Individual members of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association will continue to have access to past issues as part of their membership.

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Position Announcements
Virginia Tech – Instructor in Agribusiness Management

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