The Journal of Agriculture and Applied Economics Publication Ethics Statement.

Call for Nominations for Editor, JAAE
The SAEA Board invites statements of interest for the editorship of the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. The JAAE contributes greatly to the SAEA’s goals to foster the study and understanding of agricultural and applied economics. As the terms of the current JAAE editors (Andrew McKenzie and Krishna Paudel) will end in December, 2016, editorship appointments for 2017-2019 will be considered at the Winter, 2016, SAEA Board meeting. The Association attempts to cover many costs associated with the journal, but the position of JAAE Editor also entails some costs for the individual(s) and host department(s). The new editor(s) will assume duties July 1, 2016, to permit a six-month overlap with the outgoing editors and facilitate the transition. As we have an outstanding journal, we believe that the professional rewards for serving as editor are substantial. We encourage anyone interested to contact Ron Rainey (rrainey@uaex.edu) or Jeffrey Gillespie (jmgille@lsu.edu) by December 15, 2015. Those interested will be asked to complete a formal proposal for Board evaluation. Questions concerning what is involved may be directed to the current or previous editors. Recent previous editors in reverse chronological order are:

  • Andrew McKenzie (Arkansas) and Krishna Paudel (LSU)
  • Darrell Bosch and Mary Marchant (Virginia Tech)
  • Jeffrey Gillespie and Ashok Mishra (LSU)
  • Henry Kinnucan (Auburn)
  • John Penson (Texas A&M)

Please consider lending your talents to SAEA as an editor as the journal is critical to the continued success of the SAEA.

Journal Distribution
The Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics is published by Cambridge University Press as an open-access, on-line journal.  The current issue is available HERE. Individual members of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association have access to past issues as part of their membership. Please contact Cambridge Press for further information regarding access to the journal.

Here’s the presentation, given at the 2015 annual meeting, highlighting the motivation behind the partnership.

Full text of articles published in SJAE and JAAE are available in pdf format from AgEcon Search. To locate the desired article, select either Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics (1969-1992) or Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics (1993-current) from the “…select a journal” menu of the AgEcon Search. Selected back issues are available from July 1974 (Vol. 6) to present ( contact us for discount prices on multiple back issues or sets).

The JAAE employs an Electronic Editorial Management System for your new (or resubmitted) manuscript. To submit your manuscript electronically first place the title page and paper in separate .pdf files making sure that all author identification is removed from the paper itself so that anonymity can be preserved in the review process. The title page should include title; author(s) names; name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address of contact author; and date of submission of the manuscript. Place the cover letter (click on Manuscript Submission Guidelines  for instructions on what should be in the letter) in a .pdf file as well. For either a new (or resubmitted) manuscript, submit here by following the instructions, which should take only a few minutes to complete. Note, Editorial Express is no longer being used for submissions. If you have questions or have trouble getting your paper into the system, please contact Krishna Paudel, kpaudel@agcenter.lsu.edu, and Andrew McKenzie, mckenzie@uark.edu.

Authors of accepted manuscripts will be expected to assume obligation for payment of  a one-time Article Processing Charge of $1,500, which cover all publication costs.

To search for articles in the JAAE, enter author name, article title, or keywords and you will be directed to AgEcon Search.