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Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipients 2017 to 1987

Award Winners at the 2017 SAEA Meeting in Mobile, Alabama

SAEA Lifetime Achievement Awards
Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University
Larry Falconer, Mississippi State University
Eduardo Segarra, Texas Tech University

Emerging Scholars Awards
Chris Boyer University of Tennessee
Richard Thomas (Max) Melstrom, Oklahoma State University
Nelson Villoria, Kansas State University

Outstanding Extension Program Award
Group: Oklahoma State University, County Government Personnel and Education Training Program  – Notie Lansford, Ann Embree, Sherri Schieffer, Suzanne Spears and Jendi Mapitigama

Individual: Dr. Dave Shideler, Oklahoma State University, Economic Development

Outstanding Teaching of a Course Award
Lanier Nalley, University of Arkansas. AGEC 4163 Agricultural and Rural Development

Outstanding Journal Article
Sukcharoen, Kunlapath and David Leatham. “Mean-Variance Versus Mean-Expected Shortfall Models: An Application to Wheat Variety Selection.” JAAE 48,2 (May 2006) 148-72.

Outstanding M.S. Thesis Award
Francis Tsiboe, University of Arkansas. “Cost-Benefit Analysis and Potential Spillover Effects of Farmer Field Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Cocoa.”

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award
Kyle E. Binder, Texas A&M University. “The Past, Present, and Future of the U.S. Electric Power Sector: Examining Regulatory Changes Using Multi-variate Time Series Approaches.”

Outstanding Poster Awards
First Place – Bridget Guerrero, University of Arkansas-Monticello; Stephen Amosson, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service; Rachell Owens, West Texas A&M University; LalAmos, West Texas State University; Thomas Marek, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service; Dana Porter, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. “Impact of Volatile Commodity Prices and Investment Costs on the Economic Feasibility of Subsurface Drip Irrigation.”

Second Place – Roshini Brizmohun, Auburn University. “Impact of Climate Change on Food Security of Small Islands: The Case of Mauritius.”

Third Place – Maria Bampasidou, Louisiana State University; Dora Ann Hatch, Louisiana State University AgCenter. “Identifying and Assessing Financial and Legal Liabilities for Louisiana Agritourism Operators.”

Quiz Bowl Tournament Winners
First Place – Chameras
Stormy Gallaher, University of Arkansas-Monticello
Izak Christensen, Iowa State University
Megan Noone, University of Georgia
Colson Tester, University of Arkansas

Second Place – Ghouls
Benjamin Hornback, Murray State
Samuel King, Arkansas State University
Amber Beers, University of Florida
Cody White, Clemson University

Third Place – Banchees
Cassandra Dietz, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Luke Lane, University of Arkansas
Erica Rogers, University of Kentucky
Caroline Kelsoe, Mississippi State University

 Past Award Winners

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