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Calls for Nominations
Information on the calls for nominations of 2017 Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Professional Contributions awards are in the June 2016 newsletter.  The nomination deadlines are September 19, 2016.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipients 2016 to 1987

Award Winners at the 2016 SAEA Meeting in San Antonio, Texas

SAEA Lifetime Achievement Awards
Wojciech Florkowski, University of Georgia
Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University

Emerging Scholars Awards
Rebekka Dudensing, Texas A&M University
Kelly Grogan, University of Florida
Jeff Luckstead, University of Arkansas

Outstanding Extension Program Award
Farm Bill Decision Aid Team
Henry Bryant, Texas A&M University
Scott Gerlt, University of Missouri
Brian Herbst, Texas A&M University
George Knapek, Texas A&M University
Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University
Mark Raulston, Texas A&M University
Crait Wellington, Texas A&M University
Paul Westoff, University of Missouri
Peter Zimmel, University of Missouri

Outstanding Teaching of a Course Award
Mikael Sandberg, University of Florida

Outstanding Journal Article
Supratim Das Gupta. “Dirty and Clean Technologies.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 47,1(February 2015):123-145.

Outstanding M.S. Thesis Award
Daniel Chavez, Texas A&M University. “Willingness to Pay for Strawberries: Effect of Number of Choices Using Non-Hypothetical Valuation Procedures.” Advisor: Marco Palma.

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award
Cortney Cowley, Oklahoma State University. “Anaerobic digester adoption on animal feeding operations.” Advisor: Wade Brorsen.

Outstanding Poster Awards
First Place – E. Wolf, M. Popp, C. Bazzani, R. Nayga, Jr., D. Danforth, J. Popp, P. Chen, and H. Seo, University of Arkansas. “Consumers Willingness to Pay for Genetically Engineered Edamame.”

Second Place – Bridgette Guerrero and Seth Keshmiry, West Texas A&M University. “Economic Contribution of Cattle By-Products in the Texas Panhandle.”

Third Place – Bo Chen and Sayeed Saghaian, University of Kentucky. “Market Integration and Price Transmission in the World Rice Export Markets.”

Quiz Bowl Tournament Winners
First Place – Columbus Crew. Madi Holmes, Texas A&M University, Erica Rogers, University of Kentucky, Logan Smith, Oklahoma State University, and Rebekah Slabach, Virginia Tech University.

Second Place – Fire. Wes Davis, Purdue University, Jaylen Wallace, Texas A&M – Commerce, Erica Prescott, Clemson University, and Sarah Denny, University of Missouri

Third Place – Galaxy. Nacy Herzog, Texas A&M University, April Winebarger, University of Kentucky, Hannah McReynolds, Oklahoma State University, and Michael Unruh, University of Wisconsin – River Falls.


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