President’s Corner

The 2017 annual meeting of the SAEA in Mobile, Alabama was a tremendous success! There were 403 attendees, including 156 faculty / career professionals, 125 graduate students, and 122 undergraduate students. The number of undergraduate students attending and participating in the Quiz Bowl remains high, with the last three years including the highest number of undergraduate attendees.

I want to thank all of the committee chairs, committee members, and the SAEA Board for all of their hard work in planning a successful meeting. Special thanks goes to a number of people, including but not limited to the following. As he has graciously done for many years now, Jeff Jordan did an excellent job coordinating the meeting logistics, including receptions, meals, facilities, and general planning. John VanSickle helped in coordinating the meeting, as well as handling the program. Jody Campiche coordinated the selected paper and poster submissions and the review process. Susana Ferreira and Carlos Carpio coordinated the computers, projectors, and other information technology support during the meeting. Members rolling off SAEA committees this year include Jeff Jordan, Glynn Tonsor, Joshua Detre, Luis Ribera, Lanier Nalley, Kalyn Coatney, Sierra Howrey, and Margarita Velandia, each of whom played an important role in the success of the meeting.

The Quiz Bowl competition was a tremendous success under the leadership of Co-Chairs Sierra Howry and Maria Bampasidou, as well as the Quiz Bowl advisors for each of the participating schools and the many volunteers who moderated, judged and/or helped with IT support for the Quiz Bowl. Thanks to all of you for your service to the SAEA! I want to thank Kim Morgan, Matt Salois, and Jaclyn Kropp for organizing outstanding invited symposium sessions for the annual meeting. Each of these sessions focused on issues of strong interest to our membership.

Membership in the SAEA remains strong, with 628 members, and we expect more members to join through the AAEA membership registration portal. The SAEA income statement for January 1, 2016, through December 31, 2016, showed income of $108,240.60 and expenses of $105,981.30. End-of-2016 total assets of $208,251.82 were up slightly from end-of-2015 total assets of $192,053.13. The SAEA has no liabilities.

The SAEA was pleased to offer recognition for both lifetime achievement and early career achievement in agricultural economics. Individuals receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award were Dr. Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University, Dr. Lawrence L. Falconer, Mississippi State University, and Dr. Eduardo Segarra, Texas Tech University. Each has provided strong contributions to the profession and to the SAEA and we thank them for those contributions. The presentations at the breakfast honoring their achievements during the annual meeting from each participant were unique and inspiring. Individuals receiving the Emerging Scholars Award were Nelson Villoria, Kansas State University; Richard Thomas (Max) Melstrom, Oklahoma State University; and Chris Boyer, University of Tennessee. Each made research presentations at the Emerging Scholars session. Congratulations to the Lifetime Achievement Award and Emerging Scholar winners!

At the annual SAEA meetings, Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics Editors Michael Reed and Sayed Saghaian reported that 181 manuscripts were handled in 2016, 98 of which were new submissions, up from 90 in 2015. The average turnaround time was 67 days. The Outstanding Journal Article Award for an article published in 2016 in the JAAE was presented to Kunlapath Sukcharoen and David Leatham. Members rotating off the JAAE Editorial Council are Kaliappa Kalirajan, Craig Landry, Ashok Mishra, Rudy Nayga, James Richardson, Alexander Sarris, and Loren Tauer. They are being replaced by Jabir Ali, Rebekka Dudensing, Zhifeng Gao, Kim Jenson, Ani Katchova, Nicole Mason, David Orden, Michael Popp, Renato Villano, and Nick Vink. Associate Editor, Henry Kinnucan continued to handle review articles for the JAAE. I want to thank all of these individuals for their service to the JAAE.

I want to provide special thanks to a number of people. Ron Rainey completed his term as Past President at the February meetings. During his year as Past President, he provided leadership in the selection of the professional awards. Thank you, Ron, for all you have done for the SAEA over the past several years. Jeff Gillespie completed his term as President at the February meetings. During his year as President, he provided excellent leadership in coordinating the many activities of the SAEA, too many to list here. Thank you, Jeff, and I look forward to continuing to work with you this year in your position as Past President. Carlos Carpio completed his term as Director at the February meetings. We appreciate his strong leadership in this very important role over the past three years. I am pleased to welcome Deacue Fields, Auburn University, as our President-Elect, and Luis Ribera, Texas A&M, as Director, to the SAEA leadership team. Each will serve three-year terms. If you have nominations for officers for 2017-2018, please send them to me or any other member of the Executive Committee. Also, please contact me at if you are interested in serving on an SAEA committee. Please mark your calendars now for next year’s annual meeting, to be held February 2-6, 2018, in my home state of Florida where we hope Jacksonville will provide those from farther north with a sunny break in February!

Lisa House, SAEA President

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