2015 SAEA Annual Meeting
Mark your calendars now and plan to join us in Atlanta, Georgia, January 31 – February 3, 2015.

Registration will begin December 1, 2014. Paper, poster and organized symposia submissions are now being accepted and will close at midnight EST, Monday, September 15, 2014. See the June newsletter for more information.  Award nominations are also due by September 15, 2014. Begin planning now to attend and share your work.

Call for 2015 Emerging Scholars Awards
The Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) is soliciting nominations for 2015 “Emerging Scholar” awards. These awards are designed to highlight the work of high-performing early-career professionals in our profession. See the Awards page for more details.

President’s Corner

Dr.  Barry  Barnett   ProfessorAgricultural EconomicsOn chilly winter days, I imagine summer as a warm, lazy time for picnics with family and friends – grilling hamburgers and enjoying homemade ice-cream. I also think of summer as a time for travel, baseball, and enjoying the beauty of the American South. When summer finally arrives, those winter dreams are at least partially realized but I am also reminded that summer can be a very busy time of catching up on things left undone from the Spring semester and preparing for the Fall semester that is just around the corner. I certainly hope that you are having a memorable and productive summer.

While it may seem hard to imagine, it is already time to start thinking about submissions for the SAEA annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on January 31 – February 3, 2015. The calls for selected papers, selected posters, and organized symposia are contained in this newsletter as are the calls for various SAEA award nominations. Please consider nominating a deserving colleague or graduate student for an SAEA award.

Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics (JAAE)
During the business meeting, held at the February SAEA annual meeting, we discussed ongoing efforts to transition the JAAE from a self-published journal to a journal published in partnership with a commercial publisher. The following is an update on that process.

For many years, the SAEA has tried unsuccessfully to have the JAAE indexed in Thomson Reuters Web of Science. The primary advantage of being indexed is that the JAAE would receive an impact factor that is increasingly important as an indicator of journal quality. Unfortunately, this is a rather opaque process and unsuccessful applications are provided with little or no feedback. However, the SAEA Executive Committee and JAAE Editors believe that two issues are particularly critical to our eventual success in having the JAAE indexed in the Web of Science. First, we need to increase citations of JAAE articles in journals that are already indexed in the Web of Science. This means continuing to improve the quality of our journal but it also means doing a better job of marketing and making scholars aware of the outstanding articles published in the JAAE. Second, we need to increase the global influence of the journal. In recent years, the JAAE editors have worked hard to increase international representation on the JAAE editorial council. But we need to do more to market our journal outside the United States and increase citations of JAAE articles in non-U.S. journals.

Last year, the SAEA Executive Committee decided that working with a commercial publisher could better help us attain our goals for the JAAE. We hired a consultant who helped us solicit proposals from publishers. (This is the same consultant that the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association used when they last solicited proposals to publish the American Journal of Agricultural Economics). After reviewing the proposals submitted we invited two publishers to make formal presentations to the SAEA Executive Committee at the 2014 annual meeting in Dallas. Since then the Executive Committee has continued to work with the consultant and legal counsel to formalize a publishing contract.

I am very pleased to report that effective January 1, 2015, the JAAE will be published in association with Cambridge University Press. The initial contract will extend through the end of 2021. To the best of our knowledge, the JAAE will become the first fully online, open access, agricultural economics journal in the United States. This affiliation with one of the world’s largest publishers of scholarly journals offers great potential for increasing awareness of our journal both in the United States and abroad.

Over the next several months we will be working with Cambridge University Press to provide SAEA members with detailed information about what to expect from this new publishing arrangement. Among the significant changes are that beginning in 2015 the JAAE will only be available online (no hard copies). All volumes published by Cambridge University Press will be freely available online. The archive of previous JAAE and Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics volumes will be available online at no cost to SAEA members. Those who are not members of SAEA will be required to pay a fee to access articles published prior to 2015. As an open access journal, authors will no longer transfer copyright of accepted articles to SAEA. In lieu of a copyright transfer, authors of JAAE articles published after January 1, 2015 will provide Cambridge University Press with exclusive rights to publish the articles through a Creative Commons Open Access License. Since there will be no hard copies published, authors will now be subject to a flat Article Processing Charge (APC) rather than page charges.
Stay tuned for more information about this very exciting change.

Membership and Finances
SAEA membership continues to increase. Our current membership is 824, an increase of 74 over this time last year. Our financial position also remains strong with a modest increase in net worth over this time last year. Association assets as of May 31 were $173,201.19 with $3,000 in outstanding liabilities.
Please contact me or any of the other members of the SAEA Executive Committee if you have questions, ideas or concerns that need to be addressed. Thank you for being an SAEA member. I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

Barry Barnett, SAEA President

Position Announcements
Marketing Extension Specialist – Center for Profitable Agriculture, University of Tennessee
Assistant Professor, Texas A&M – Economics of Energy, Water & Food Systems

Address Changes/Email Signup
Please contact us HERE if your email or mailing addresses change. Also contact us, at the same address, if you are a member and are not receiving emails from SAEA and wish to do so. Email postings are infrequent and deal only with SAEA matters.