raineyPresident’s Corner
I hope that your fall semester is off to a great start! The Executive Committee has been busy this summer engaging Cambridge University Press and putting in place a system to maximize the association’s visibility. We hope our efforts will add value to SAEA by enhancing communication both internally to our members and externally to our partners, potential members and stakeholders. You recently received an email with directions to access Cambridge Journals Online (CJO). I hope that you successfully signed up and look forward to leveraging the capabilities offered by the website to enhance the association’s value.

The Executive Committee has also been working on a webpage update and planning for the meeting in San Antonio, February 6-9, 2016. Please be sure to note that September 15, 2015 is the deadline to submit proposals for selected papers, posters and organized symposia. The submission deadline is just around the corner and the success of our meeting depends on the quality of your submissions, so please submit a proposal and plan to attend the meeting in San Antonio. Information on how to submit proposals can be found on this webpage below. With your continued engagement with quality submissions, things should shape up for a fantastic meeting in Texas. San Antonio offers a great venue and I know that Jeff Jordan has been organizing a great set of networking and social events for our students, the faculty and industry partners. Make plans now to attend our annual conference!

Undergraduate participation at the meetings has been growing and we want to see that continue in San Antonio. As we have discussed on many occasions, getting students to the meetings is one of our priorities, so please encourage and support your students. Between the networking opportunities, social events and quiz bowl, there are many opportunities to visit with and recruit these students. Please consider participating in the Recruitment Fair. It only costs $100 and offers an opportunity to recruit some excellent students.

I want to highlight the candidate bios that are included in the September newsletter. We have an excellent slate of candidates for both the President-Elect and Director positions. I want to thank the candidates for their willingness to serve. Each candidate’s vitae and vision statement are at the end of this newsletter. You will receive instructions for voting soon, so please examine these bios closely and exercise your right to vote! The Association needs and wants good leadership to help deliver the outstanding programs our members have come to expect. Please take time to vote!

The deadline for award nominations is also September 15, 2015. Information on how to nominate someone for an award can be found in the June Newsletter. I hope you will consider nominating worthy candidates for all awards. These awards are special for the recipients and their departments, and represent the collective recognition of our Association of important accomplishments by our members.

Lastly, please remember to renew your membership. Membership in SAEA is inexpensive and represents a great value for the money spent. Renewal is easy using our new portal found under the “Payments” button at the top of this webpage.

I look forward to seeing all of you in San Antonio!

Ron Rainey SAEA President

Call for Nominations for Editor, JAAE
The SAEA Board invites statements of interest for the editorship of the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. The JAAE contributes greatly to the SAEA’s goals to foster the study and understanding of agricultural and applied economics. As the terms of the current JAAE editors (Andrew McKenzie and Krishna Paudel) will end in December, 2016, editorship appointments for 2017-2019 will be considered at the Winter, 2016, SAEA Board meeting. The Association attempts to cover many costs associated with the journal, but the position of JAAE Editor also entails some costs for the individual(s) and host department(s). The new editor(s) will assume duties July 1, 2016, to permit a six-month overlap with the outgoing editors and facilitate the transition. As we have an outstanding journal, we believe that the professional rewards for serving as editor are substantial. We encourage anyone interested to contact Ron Rainey (rrainey@uaex.edu) or Jeffrey Gillespie (jmgille@lsu.edu) by December 15, 2015. Those interested will be asked to complete a formal proposal for Board evaluation. Questions concerning what is involved may be directed to the current or previous editors. Recent previous editors in reverse chronological order are:

  • Andrew McKenzie (Arkansas) and Krishna Paudel (LSU)
  • Darrell Bosch and Mary Marchant (Virginia Tech)
  • Jeffrey Gillespie and Ashok Mishra (LSU)
  • Henry Kinnucan (Auburn)
  • John Penson (Texas A&M)

Please consider lending your talents to SAEA as an editor as the journal is critical to the continued success of the SAEA.

New Journal Distribution
The Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics is now published by Cambridge University Press as an open-access, on-line journal HERE.  Individual members of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association will continue to have access to past issues as part of their membership.

Position Announcements
Extension Assistant or Associate Professor, Agribusiness Marketing – Clemson University
Extension Associate or Full Professor, Production Management – Clemson University
Assistant Professor, Energy Market Analysis and Decision Making – Texas A&M University

Address Changes/Email Signup
Please contact us HERE if your email or mailing addresses change. Also contact us, at the same address, if you are a member and are not receiving emails from SAEA and wish to do so. Email postings are infrequent and deal only with SAEA matters.